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The Dragon Within: The Art of Self-Coaching

How to release the grip of your inner critic and realize your leadership potential.



I’m working with a marvellous editor and on draft #3 and we've updated the title! It will be published in the summer of 2024.   I’m taking two months off right now to roam around Asia with my husband. He is happy to have my busy bee self all to himself.  Remember to take time for you while you’re chasing your dreams. Learning to relax and tame our inner dragons is a practice.

Peace and love,


More About the Book

I'm writing a book! Why? Because I was spectacular at getting in my own way … until I wasn’t. I was a driven maniac, super sensitive and had ridiculously high standards, which led me to be hyper critical of myself and others. These were actually overplayed strengths. Drive gets things done. Sensitivity gave me great radar with human dynamics. High standards equal great work. And even being critical was a gift when it came to bulletproofing strategy. But matching my impact with my intention - whoa. Not easy. I was gifted with many executive coaches and even therapy (Brené Brown says she’s never met a great leader who hasn’t had a coach and/or a therapist). But not everyone has access to such help.

I’ve written the book to help you learn how to hire your higher self as your own coach. Leading others is way easier than learning how to manage our reactions and interact with others in a way that’s in sync with our best self. The book also covers common challenges I’ve witnessed during hundreds of hours of coaching, including mental toughness, relationships, emotional regulation, trust, stress, political savvy and ethical influencing.

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