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the hardest person you'll ever lead is you

Hi, I'm Kellie

I'm an experienced executive coach, keynote speaker, a certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator, a creator of business strategy & governance and consultant on all things leadership. I call myself a recovering executive because I know all about the perils and perks that come with powerful positions. Most of us who become senior leaders land there with very good intentions, but the crushing pressure and inevitable politics often strain our ability to show up as our best self every day. It takes persistence and hard work to address this. I am fascinated by the inner work of leadership. The hardest person you'll ever lead is you :)

Whether I'm on stage delivering a speech, working one-on-one with a coaching client, facilitating the Dare to Lead™ program created by Brené Brown, helping an executive team surface trust issues or hammer out strategy, my goal is the same: to create a safe container that helps you show up as your best self. The world needs each and every one of us to contribute our talents. It takes courage to look in the mirror but the rewards are immense.

I live and work on the traditional lands of the Treaty 4 Territory, a Treaty signed with 35 First Nations across Southern Saskatchewan and parts of Alberta and Manitoba in Canada, and the original lands of the Cree, Salteaux, Dakota, Nakota, Lakota, and the homeland of the Métis.

"I am driven to help others get out of their own way so they can shine."

Brenda Wallace.jpeg

Brenda Wallace
Principal, Wallace Insights

Kellie Garrett exemplifies the concept of ‘coach’. Oxford dictionary synonyms for coach include ‘teacher’, ‘mentor’ and ‘guru’; all words that aptly describe the value Kellie provided as my Executive Coach. I found her lived experience as an executive leader, her deeply reflective approach as a life-long learner and gardener, and her genuine interest in others were the perfect resources for a positive, insightful and helpful coaching experience. I would recommend her to anyone interested in their next level of contribution and performance. Oh, and she is a lot of fun to be around! Her down-to-earth, practical nature removed any anxiety from the experience of having a mirror held up to help you see yourself and your potential through new eyes. Her kind nudges and sharp questions stay with me today!

Dare to Lead™


"You are truly gifted at what you do, and spot on.  Once again, I walked away with many practical insights about myself, my tendencies and was inspired to dig deeper, be curious and work to be a better version of myself."

Reagan Wildeman,

Marketing Director

"Receiving coaching is awesome. It’s great to have an unbiased 3rd party expert to help you work through what triggers you, help you understand your assets and liabilities as a leader/peer and provide constructive practice exercises to get better in the areas you want to improve. Wanting to change and being willing to be coached is a success factor. Like any other endeavour, e.g. sports, finding the right coach is like finding the right personal trainer … Kellie was the person who worked for me."

Betty-Ann Heggie,
Author and former exec

"What made your workshop so perfect?

  1. You're fearless revealing your true self (we all have warts and we're comforted to know that others do as well) 

  2. You use relevant personal examples to reinforce points (people eat it up)

  3. The content is intellectually strong but never boring (story sidebars add so much and seem effortless) 

  4. You are really funny (nothing like humour to unite people)

  5. You meet the audience where they are (you never preach)

  6. You take time to let people absorb the material (pauses are great for people to integrate)

Let's Connect

Email me to explore how to take your leadership - or your team's performance - to a new level.

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